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International Caps Lock Day

International Caps Lock Day is held on October 22. This event in the third decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
22 October - International Caps Lock Day
International Caps Lock Day has been celebrated since 2000 at the initiative of Derek Arnold from Iowa, USA. One day he decided that he, like many other Internet users, had enough keys to make himself known online and created Caps Lock Day. The purpose of the day is to draw the attention of those who use the Caps Lock typing style as excessive and unacceptable for expressing sanity online.
Report headers: This is a throwback to the typewriter era when different fonts were unavailable. Serial or VIN numbers: Many of these contain only capital letters. Legal agreements: Lawyers have used all-caps in legal documents since the typewriter era to make important terms more conspicuous.
The Caps Lock key originated as a Shift lock key on mechanical typewriters. An early innovation in typewriters was the introduction of a second character on each typebar, thereby doubling the number of characters that could be typed, using the same number of keys.

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