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Armed Forces Day in Romania

Armed Forces Day in Romania is held on October 25. This event in the third decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
25 October - Armed Forces Day in Romania
The Romanian Army, mostly represented by the Land Forces, has been and it will remain a pillar of romanian society, with indisputable merits overtime, an institution that has always enjoyed the populations trust.
October 25, 1944, the Romanian Army Day, signifies the date of complete liberation of north-western Transylvania from foreign ruling and administration.
The liberation of the entire national territory of Romania was achieved by the heroic fights of over 525,000 fully employed troops between August 23 and October 25, 1944. Nearly 58,000 of them were killed or injured. Losses incurred on the enemy stood at 89,934 troops, 76,275 of whom were taken prisoners.
The liberation of north-western Romania did not mean an end to the fights of the Romanian Army, which continued in the war against Fascism alongside the United Nations powers for the liberation of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria throughout the final victory.

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