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National Pupusa Day in El Salvador

National Pupusa Day in El Salvador is held on November 12. Date for 2023. Día nacional de las pupusas is celebrated on the second Sunday in November. This event in the second decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
12 November - National Pupusa Day in El Salvador
Pupusas are thick corn tortillas stuffed with fillings, such as meat, refried beans, cheese, and squash flowers. Then they are cooked on a traditional grilled called a comal.
Pupusas are the beloved national dish of El Salvador, believed to originate with the Indigenous Pipil tribe over 2,000 years ago. During the 1980s civil war in El Salvador, many El Salvadorans fled the country, bringing pupusas all over the globe.
National Pupusa Day is a holiday celebrated in El Salvador on the second Sunday in November. Municipalities all over El Salvador will use this day to hold different types of events. But, the best municipality to visit during this National Holiday is Olocuilta, the town known as the Pupusa Capital. In 2015, in Olocuilta, the world's largest Pupusa record was set. The Pupusa measured 4.5 meters in diameter. To create it, 300 pounds of rice flour, 200 pounds of cheese, 10 pounds of Loroco, 115 pounds of beans, and 80 pounds of pork rinds were used.

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