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Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan

Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan is held on November 23. This event in the third decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
23 November - Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan
Thanksgiving in Japan is one of the national holidays. To celebrate workers in Japan, gifts such as letters and cards are exchanged as gestures of thanks for the hard work they put. Japanese Thanksgiving always falls on November 23 every year.
Labor Thanksgiving Day (Kinro Kansha no Hi in Japanese) is actually a modern name for an ancient ritual called Niinamesai (Harvest Festival). In the ritual, the Emperor makes the season's first offering of freshly harvested rice to the gods and then partakes of the rice himself.
On this day, school children prepare cards or gifts to distribute to police officers, firefighters, hospital staffs, personnel of the Japan Self-Defense Force and the Japan Coast Guard and other people in the labor sector to show appreciation for their contributions to the country.

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