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International Chocolate Day

International Chocolate Day is held on July 11. This event in the second decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
11 July - International Chocolate Day
World Chocolate Day falls on the 7th July. Although, if we had it our way, every day would be World Chocolate Day! As history has it, in the year 1550, July 7th was the day that chocolate was first introduced to Europe. The observance of World Chocolate Day dates back to 2009.
The United States National Confectioners Association lists September 13 as International Chocolate Day, coinciding with the birth date of Milton S. Hershey, an American chocolatier, businessman, and philanthropist. Of course, other countries may have different dates to celebrate the goodie. For example, Ghana, the second top producer on the planet, marks February 14 as the Chocolate Day. In Latvia, International Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 11.

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