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Energy Engineer's Day in Poland

Energy Engineer's Day in Poland is held on August 14. This event in the second decade of the month August is annual. Help us Help us 
14 August - Energy Engineer's Day in Poland
August 14 is the Energy Day. You earn well in professions in this industry, even up to PLN 30,000 a month. However, this applies to a highly specialized group of employees, often managers.
The energy industry day was established in the mid-twentieth century (in 1956). It was celebrated until 1972 on September 1, now it is August 14. The establishment of this holiday preceded the writing of the Energy Charter. This document is a symbol of the growing recognition and importance of professions in the energy sector in the economy and social life. It was also an excuse to emphasize the importance of human resources in the industry.
According to the Central Statistical Office, 122,500 people worked in the generation, supply of electricity, gas, steam and hot water in 2017. We will learn from more detailed calculations of the companies that in recent years there has been no increase or decrease in employment in energy companies, although the balance is positive.

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