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National Personal Chef Day in US

National Personal Chef Day in US is held on July 16. This event in the second decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
16 July - National Personal Chef Day in US
We all know that chefs work their magic on creating delightful recipes. More men work as chefs and head cooks than women. The average age of chefs or head cooks is 39.7. The lowest chef salary is found in elementary and secondary schools.
Life as a personal or private chef may surprise you. The private chefs you see on Instagram seem to have it all. However, there is more to being a private chef than getting along with celebrities and making good food. Private chefs are also responsible for the grocery shopping and are required to know the ins and outs of their clients likes and dislikes.
Being a chef has its perks, and one of the biggest is gaining knowledge about different food cultures. Chefs often get the chance to travel abroad which represent a perfect opportunity to try new foods and learn about them.

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