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St. Knuts Day in Norway and Sweden

St. Knuts Day in Norway and Sweden is held on January 13. The 20th and last day of the Christmas season. This event in the second decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
13 January - St. Knuts Day in Norway and Sweden
Canute IV, byname Canute the Holy, or Saint Canute, Danish Knut, or Knud, Den Hellige, or Sankt Knut, or Knud, (born c. 1043died July 10, 1086, Odense, Den.; canonized 1101; feast days January 19, July 10), martyr, patron saint, and king of Denmark from 1080 to 1086.
Canute proved an effective ruler who brought internal peace and prosperity to the land. He became a strong supporter and a generous donor to the church, and his journey to Rome was inspired by religious as well as diplomatic motives.
In Sweden St. Knut's Day marks the end of the Christmas and holiday season. It is celebrated by taking out the Christmas tree and dancing around it. Nowadays, the feast is mainly for children.

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