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Nursing Day in Mexico

Nursing Day in Mexico is held on January 6. This event in the first decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
6 January - Nursing Day in Mexico
Nurses' Day is celebrated in Mexico on January 6, as it was instituted in 1931 by physician José Castro Villagrana, director of the Juárez Hospital in Mexico. Villagrana described the presence of nurses as a "gift of kings" for patients.
"To render aid and care to a sick person in body or soul is to be eternally at the service of God."
This phrase probably does not make sense to all of us, but when someone has felt sick they have surely valued very much the person who has given them a word of encouragement or their simple company and in interpreting these feelings this surely becomes a reality.
The task of the nurse is arduous, sometimes little recognized, but this profession offers them great prestige, but not huge profits, although they know they deserve it. But the affection and gratitude of their patients surely makes them feel great and overpaid.

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