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National Hypersensitivity Day in France

National Hypersensitivity Day in France is held on January 13. Journée nationale de l'hypersensibilité. This event in the second decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
13 January - National Hypersensitivity Day in France
The creation of this national day is almost a textbook case. Originally, a simple private individual, Saverio Tomasella, hypersensitive to the cause of hypersensitive people... wondered how to make his idea of a new national day accepted and created a petition addressed to Mrs Brigitte Macron in person on the site
..."This particular day, that we could fix for example during the first two weeks of January, would be the occasion, each year, to revalorize hypersensitivity, hyperemotivity, just as, a few years ago, we tried to bring to light precocity (or high potential)"...
This particular day could also allow us to better inform teachers, educators and managers about hypersensitivity, its characteristics and its modalities, so that the highly sensitive, who represent about a quarter of the population, are better welcomed and understood, from childhood, as well as within their company.
And it worked...
Every January 13 will therefore be dedicated from now on to taking into account the specific problems of hypersensitives and their place in society.
The first edition of this day took place in 2019.

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