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Doce uvas

Doce uvas is held on December 31. The Spanish New Year's tradition of eating twelve grape varieties, one for each of the twelve clock strokes by midnight, subsequently spread in such Spanish-speaking countries as Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica et al. This event in the third decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
31 December - Doce uvas
Although this tradition has spread to many parts of the world, the Christmas custom of starting the year by drinking 12 grapes to the sound of the chimes began in Spain.
According to tradition, drinking twelve grapes to the sound of the chimes leads to a year of good luck and prosperity. Where does this custom come from? As midnight on December 31 approaches to welcome the New Year, we prepare our grapes to be eaten during the twelve seconds before the beginning of the year.
One of the theories that accompany our Christmas grapes traces the origins of this custom back to 1909. That year there was a very good grape harvest and the producers decided to give more outlet to the product by selling it as "lucky grapes" in prepared packages of twelve grapes, symbolizing the twelve months of the year.
However, the newspapers of 1882 already mention this tradition, so it is likely that the surplus of grapes in 1909 was only a further boost to a tradition that was already in the making.

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