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Oklahoma Day

Oklahoma Day is held on April 22. 1889. This event in the third decade of the month April is annual. Help us Help us 
22 April - Oklahoma Day
The word "Oklahoma" comes from two Choctaw Indian words meaning "red man." More American Indian tribes are headquartered in Oklahoma than in any other state, and 39 of those are federally recognized nations.
The worlds first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City on July 16, 1935.
Oklahoma's state capitol building is the only capitol in the world with an oil well under it. Although its legal name is Capitol Site No. 1, it is referred to as Petunia No. 1 because it was drilled in the middle of a flower bed.
In Bristow, Oklahoma, it is against the law to serve water to a customer in a restaurant unless one peanut in a shell is also served. The consequences for this serious offense can result in a fine of up to five dollars.

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