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World Mobility and Accessibility Day

World Mobility and Accessibility Day is held on April 30. This event in the third decade of the month April is annual. Help us Help us 
30 April - World Mobility and Accessibility Day
Every April 30 since 2011, World Mobility and Accessibility Day reminds us that every day, thousands of people have difficulty getting around, both in public and private spaces. To fixate on travel speed is to mistake mobility for accessibility. The difference between the two concepts is simple: Mobility is how far you can go in a given amount of time. Accessibility is how much you can get to in that time.
Transport mobility provides increased opportunities for individuals to undertake fundamental tasks beyond the home environment, such as going to work and purchasing essential goods.
What factors affect accessibility? Mobility, that is, physical movement. Mobility Substitutes, such as telecommunications and delivery services. Transportation System Connectivity, which refers to the directness of links and the density of connections in path or road network.

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