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International Son Day

International Son Day is held on November 22. Community initiative. This event in the third decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
22 November - International Son Day
The most accurate history of the holiday, according to the project, is simple and indicates that this is a public initiative.
In 2014, at the suggestion of the media publication Guardian News & Media Limited, in the context of International Men's Day, the idea to hold International Son Day appeared. The purpose of the day was supposed to be a family event. On one Sunday, every year, fathers can invite their sons into their own homes, so that they can learn how to clean, cook, vacuum, do laundry and childcare Ė skills that these boys will inevitably need. Just as we demystify the workplace for girls, letís demystify the home for boys, so that they can grow up into the men that they say they want to be: autonomous and capable of living on their own, and also involved family men, in egalitarian marriages and relationships, active and energetically engaged fathers, who use their domestic skills.

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