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Queen Suthida's Birthday in Thailand

Queen Suthida's Birthday in Thailand is held on June 3. This event in the first decade of the month June is annual. Help us Help us 
3 June - Queen Suthida's Birthday in Thailand
Wan Chaloem Phra Chonmaphansa Somdet Phra Nang Chao Suthida Phatcharasutha Phimon Lak Phra Borommarachini is ommemorates the birth of Queen Suthida.
Suthida was born on 3 June 1978. She is ethnic Hokkien, coming from Thai Chinese family. She graduated from Hatyaiwittayalai Somboonkulkanya Middle School and Assumption University with a bachelor's degree in communication arts in 2000. Suthida was formerly a flight attendant for JALways a Japan Airlines' subsidiary from 2000 to 2003 and later Thai Airways International in 2003 until 2008.
She is the first female officer to receive this honour since 2004 and the first in the reign of King Rama X.
On 1 December 2016, she was appointed Commander of the Special Operations Unit of the King's Guard and promoted to the rank of general.
On 1 June 2017, she was appointed as acting commander of Royal Thai Aide-de-camp Department following the reorganization of the Royal Security Command.
On 1 May 2019, Suthida was made the queen consort of King Vajiralongkorn whose coronation took place in Bangkok on 46 May 2019.

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