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Sustainability Day

Sustainability Day is held on October 25. The goal is to be able to take care of the planet for a very long time. Held on the fourth Wednesday in October. This event in the third decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
25 October - Sustainability Day
Sustainability Day was created as a student-run event and has been widely celebrated since 2014 to remind the community of the importance of caring for the environment and the steps to do so.
In 1969, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) introduced the idea of sustainable development because air quality, water quality, and other environmental problems were a concern for congress at the time. With this in mind, NEPA addressed the concern and defined sustainable development as such: to create and maintain conditions under which man and nature can exist in productive harmony, and fulfill the social, economic, and other requirements of present and future generations of Americans.
Every October, colleges and universities are invited to hold events on their campuses and elsewhere that attract participants to share ideas and knowledge among faculty, staff, and students from all departments and disciplines, and even across campus "borders" between cities, territories, and countries. Sustainability Day gives the world the opportunity to become more familiar with the topic and come together to learn what we can do to promote sustainability.

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