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Doctors' Day in Venezuela

Doctors' Day in Venezuela is held on March 10. This event in the first decade of the month March is annual. Help us Help us 
10 March - Doctors' Day in Venezuela
Since 1955, March 10 was approved by the Venezuelan Medical Federation to commemorate the Day of the Physician in Venezuela, also the birthday of Dr. José María Vargas, an example of medical professionals in the country.
On March 10, Venezuela celebrates Doctors' Day to commemorate the birth of Dr. José María Vargas, physician and surgeon, founder of the Caracas Medical Society, who stood out in his time for his dedication, professional preparation and application of innovative medical techniques in the country.
The example of Dr. José María Vargas was a determining factor for Venezuelans, especially for medical professionals, and was an essential factor for the development of medical studies in country. It took almost a century for another illustrious physician, Dr. Luis Razetti, to create the fundamental bases for the constitution of the National Academy of Medicine and the College of Physicians of Venezuela, the latter being the forerunner of the Venezuelan Medical Federation in 1945.

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