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World Hamburger Day

World Hamburger Day is held on May 28. This event in the third decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
28 May - World Hamburger Day
The origin of this emblematic dish is quite uncertain as many claim its creation, from German immigrants to elegant restaurants in the United States, however, whatever its origin and provenance, we cannot deny the important impact of this dish worldwide.
Its popularity is so overwhelming that it is practically known and consumed all over the world. Originally the meat used to make it was pork, and over time it was changed to the most common beef we know, although nowadays we can find fish burgers and even vegan burgers.
The nutritional value of this dish lies in the combination of the nutritional elements that compose it. On the one hand we have the part of the protein that is provided by the meat in any of its variants (pork, beef, goat, fish, etc.), there are also the vegetables, such as lettuce, tomato and onion, without leaving aside the cereals found in the bread that gives structure to the hamburger itself.
Another fundamental component of a good hamburger is cheese, which, being a product derived from dairy products, also contains a generous amount of calcium and vitamins.
Last but not least are the toppings that accompany it and give an extra flavor to the hamburger, and although they are currently very varied, it can be said that the traditional ones are: ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.

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