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Gazelle Day

Gazelle Day is held on July 9. This event in the first decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
9 July - Gazelle Day
Conservationists are concerned that mass mammal migrations making long journeys across the plains and mountains of Central Asia are being seriously threatened by overexploitation of wildlife, as well as exploitation of minerals and other natural resources. That their habitats, even those of large mammals, are being lost, degraded and fragmented at an unprecedented rate. In view of this, the 2020 Convention on Migratory Species has proposed, among other things, a Gazelle Day.
The gazelle is a smart, adaptive and robust creature with some rather interesting characteristics. Gazelles are nimble and beautiful animals, with a variety of stripes and markings that accentuate their tan buff coats and white rumps. They also boast a impressive, ringed horns. These attributes make many gazelles attractive as game animals. Like kangaroos, gazelles can leap more than 10 feet into the air.
Their habitats are threatened, and that must be remembered.

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