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International Weavers' Day

International Weavers' Day is held on July 13. This event in the second decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
13 July - International Weavers' Day
The celebration of this day began in 2005 in Australia with knitter Danielle Landes. It started as a simple gathering of knitters so that they could learn from and enjoy each other.
From a blanket knitted by a grandmother to wrap a new life coming into the world, to a ruana made by an entrepreneur to elevate the look of her clients. The possibilities offered by the art of weaving are infinite, but all of them have a common factor: the hands that with dedication, meticulousness and passion make it.
Hands that weave and give shelter, hands that teach and transmit, hands that work in search of sustenance, hands that sow traditions that endure in our people. That is why today is celebrated the Weaver's Day, a day chosen to pay tribute to those who carry out this millenary craft with love and vocation, and who were in charge of transmitting this knowledge to the new generations.
National Weaver's Day is also officially celebrated in Argentina on July 13, paying tribute to all the women who, with pure skill, create unique pieces of clothing. The celebration, which arose from the initiative of the Sembrá Deseos group, aims to weave squares for the subsequent production of blankets and blankets.

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