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Cocoa Day in Venezuela

Cocoa Day in Venezuela is held on October 1. This event in the first decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
1 October - Cocoa Day in Venezuela
The Venezuelan people celebrate in style the National Cocoa Day, and this commemoration is due to the work done to promote Venezuela as the country with the greatest genetic diversity of cocoa in the world, in addition to the production of 100% organic cocoa and the efforts of the producers of this product.
This celebration began on October 01, 2015, to give its rightful place to Venezuelan cocoa that has the richest flavors and aromas ranging from flowers, almonds, fruits, malt and vanilla, being recognized as the best chocolate worldwide, which became the first export product because it began its commercialization in colonial times. Today, Japan is the largest importer of this product and Switzerland is the largest consumer.
Venezuelan chocolate has achieved three consecutive Guinness World Records: in 2015, the largest chocolate coin in the world was made in the country, weighing 874 kilograms; likewise, in 2016, the largest tasting ever was organized, with at least 600 participants; and in 2017, the largest chocolate mosaic in the world was made, measuring 18.56 meters long.

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