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World Traditional Medicine Day

World Traditional Medicine Day is held on October 22. This event in the third decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
22 October - World Traditional Medicine Day
World Traditional Medicine Day is commemorated on October 22, a day established by the World Health Organization in 1991 through the Beijing Declaration, with the aim of rescuing, preserving, promoting and widely disseminating knowledge of traditional medicine, treatments and practices. Through this agreement, member states of the United Nations are asked to promote policies that guarantee the safe and effective use of traditional medicines.
In the international legal sphere, these rights of indigenous peoples are sanctioned in world conventions such as Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization on Indigenous and Independent Tribal Peoples, which establishes in Article 25, paragraph 2, that health services should be organized, as far as possible, at the community level.
Similarly, the Resolution of the 56th World Health Assembly, in point 14.10, states, among other things, the need for the subscribing States to recognize the role of certain traditional practices as one of the important resources of primary health care services, particularly in low-income countries and in accordance with national circumstances.

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