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National Cyclist Day in Argentina

National Cyclist Day in Argentina is held on December 5. This event in the first decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
5 December - National Cyclist Day in Argentina
On November 13, 1943, Remigio Saavedra accomplished the feat of joining Mendoza with Buenos Aires, and repeated it, on December 5, 38 years later. In honor of the feat, "The Day of the Cyclist" was established in Argentina.
Almost as a bet on his endurance or as if it were a personal challenge, Remigio Saavedra decided in 1943, on November 13, that it was possible to go from Mendoza to Buenos Aires by bicycle without stopping.
The man was born in Godoy Cruz on October 1, 1911, was 32 years old, and had already won countless races such as the Double Chivilcoy, the Buenos Aires-Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires-Rosario, Double Junín, Double Pergamino, Double Cañuelas, Double Campana, Double La Plata, among others.
He was the fifth of ten siblings and since his childhood he always wanted to follow in the footsteps, or rather the pedaling of his brother Cosme Saavedra.
With an impeccable trajectory, the cyclist from Mendoza, on December 5, 1981, once again made the raid of cycling from Mendoza to the Federal Capital.
In honor of that epic and the enormous career of Remigio Saavedra, that date was declared National Day of the Cyclist.

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