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Memorial Day in Turkmenistan

Memorial Day in Turkmenistan is held on January 12. Day of mourning in honor of the Turkmen killed on January 12, 1881 at the hands of Russian invaders at the Battle of Geok-Tepe, near Ashgabat. This event in the second decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
12 January - Memorial Day in Turkmenistan
The Memorial Day is an official holiday of Turkmenistan, commemorated on 12 January. It is one of two mourning days in Turkmenistan (the other being Day of Remembrance). The country has marked Memorial Day since its independence in 1991 in commemoration of all those who gave their lives. The holiday is celebrated as a national day of mourning, with the resistance often being cited as a source of national pride.
National flags are traditionally lowered in the capital of Ashgabat as well as in the Provinces of Turkmenistan. Funeral prayers are performed in mosques, the largest of which is held at Saparmurat Hajji Mosque. According to tradition, the main public prayer as well as a national memorial service (with the President of Turkmenistan in attendance) is held in Goktepe, at the mosque standing on the site of the Battle of Geok Tepe. Ritual meals are offered all over the country. It is also a non-working holiday.

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