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World Goth Day

World Goth Day is held on May 22. The Official World Goth Day site defines it as "a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate its own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world.". This event in the third decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
22 May - World Goth Day
Goths often wear black clothes and unusual jewelry. In May 2009, a radio station in Great Britain was discussing music subcultures. From this discussion, Goth music DJs, Cruel Britannia, and Martin Oldgoth created World GothDay. They decided the day would fall on May 22nd. The word Goth comes from the word Gothic which actually means gloomy or dark. World Goth Day began in the United Kingdom and is now celebrated throughout the world.
Both goth men and goth women often wear make-up. The goth subculture originated in the early 1980s among fans of the first gothic rock group, Bauhaus.

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