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Mother's Day in Bolivia

Mother's Day in Bolivia is held on May 27. Día de la Madre. This event in the third decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
27 May - Mother's Day in Bolivia
While in other countries Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, in Bolivia it is celebrated on May 27. That date was chosen to remember a group of brave Cochabamba women who 197 years ago, on the hill of San Sebastián, decided to fight for the emancipation of the Audiencia de Charcas from the domination of the Spanish monarchy, imitating the example of Chuquisaca, La Paz. and Oruro.
Goyeneche's mission was the trigger that produced an immediate reaction in the Oidores de Charcas and that precipitated the Chuquisaca uprising in May 1808, immediately followed by that of La Paz, in July of the same year, which was severely punished. Charcas, after the violent repressions of 1810, remains in the hands of the guerrillas, on the one hand, and the Royalists, on the other.
Thus, under the influence of emancipation, hundreds of women, children and elderly died at the hands of Royalist forces in the battle of "La Coronilla". In homage to the value shown on that May 27, 1812, this date is remembered as the Bolivian Mother's Day, a commemoration that was confirmed through the Mother's Day Law, on May 8, 1927, during the government by Hernando Siles.

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