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Lithuania Flag Day

Lithuania Flag Day is held on January 1. Commemorates raising of the Lithuanian flag on Gediminas' Tower in 1919. This event in the first decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
1 January - Lithuania Flag Day
Lithuanian Flag Day is a commemorative day marked on 1 January, when the national flag is hoisted in front of state and municipal institutions and bodies.
As a sign of a free Lithuania, the Lithuanian tricolour was first flown in the tower of Gediminas Castle on 1 January 1919. It was hoisted by a group of Lithuanian volunteers led by the commandant of Vilnius, the first volunteer of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Kazis Škirpa. The flag was hoisted to the sound of shots, followed by the singing of the Lithuanian national anthem.
To commemorate and honour the feat of the volunteers when Lithuania regained its independence, a ceremonial flag change is held at the Gediminas Hill Tower every year on 1 January, on the occasion of the Flag Day. According to tradition, the old flag is handed over each year to one of the Lithuanian schools that have distinguished themselves in the field of citizenship and historical memory.

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