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Ka Hae Hawaiʻi Day

Ka Hae Hawaiʻi Day is held on July 31. Hawaii, United States. This event in the third decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
31 July - Ka Hae Hawaiʻi Day
Replete in red, white and blue, the flag was originally commissioned by King Kamehameha I in 1816. The king's close ties to Great Britain are reflected in the design, which features elements of the Union Jack as well as the Kingdom of Hawai'i. The eight horizontal stripes represent the eight major islands in the chain.
In 1794, Kamehameha united Hawaii island as one kingdom and ceded Hawaii as a protectorate under King George III. He was gifted a British flag by Captain George Vancouver and proudly flew that flag at his residence, Kamakahonu, and adopted it as Hawaiis national flag for more than two decades.

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