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Tokehega Day

Tokehega Day is held on September 3. Tokelau, New Zealand. This event in the first decade of the month september is annual.
3 September - Tokehega Day

Similar events

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Father's Day in AustraliaFather's Day in Australia on September 6 (also Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea is celebrated on the first Sunday of September);
Lotu-a-Tamaiti in TokelauLotu-a-Tamaiti in Tokelau on October 11 (also called ďWhite SundayĒ or ďChildrenís ServiceĒ on the second Sunday of Octobe);
Niue Constitution DayNiue Constitution Day on October 19 (in honor of the country's independence, self-governing in free association with New Zealand in 1974)
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