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Arbor Day in Brazil

Arbor Day in Brazil is held on September 21. This event in the third decade of the month September is annual. Help us Help us 
21 September - Arbor Day in Brazil
Environmental ethics based on respect and horizontal relationships with nature constitute a sociocultural need that fosters an introspective look at the environment as a pedagogical pillar for awareness.
Educating from nature based on the essence of who we are in relation to it, offers moments of care and reflective spaces that build a historical, epistemological and pedagogical perspective that enhances awareness of the value of the roots of life.
Arbor DayIn Brazil, it is celebrated on September 21. The chosen date precedes the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere, which can vary between September 22 and 23, depending on the year.
In replacement of the so-called Day of the Tree, the "Annual Tree Festival", instituted by Decree 55,797 of February 24, 1965. Article 2 of the Decree mentions: "The objective of the Annual Tree Festival is to spread teachings on forest conservation and encourage the practice of said teachings, as well as publicize the importance of trees in the progress of the country and in the well-being of citizens". Despite the name change, educational institutions, the media and the population recognize it as Arbor Day.

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