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CalendarOctober9 → Farmersí Day in Florida

Farmersí Day in Florida

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Farmerís Day has history dating back to the 1800ís. There are some cities and towns across the United States that have their own versions of Farmerís Day, with celebrations and festivals on various dates throughout the year. Many of them are held in September and October.
Today Florida is the 22nd most extensive, the 3rd most populous, and the 8th most densely populated of the United States.
Phosphate mining, concentrated in the Bone Valley, is the stateís third-largest industry. The state produces about 75% of the phosphate required by farmers in the United States and 25% of the world supply, with about 95% used for agriculture (90% for fertilizer and 5% for livestock feed supplements) and 5% used for other products.
A day of honor is very much deserved to all of the hard working farmers. National Farmerís Day is observed annually on 2nd Monday in October as a day for them and to pay tribute to all farmers throughout American history.
Farmerís Day is celebration of natural health and wellness featuring live music, childrenís activities, bodywork practitioners, local sustainable food, edible plants, juicing cooking classes and guided walks that explore the various food ecosystems under way.
In 2023 Farmersí Day in Florida in USA falls on October 9.
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