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CalendarJanuary8 → Eugenio Maria De Hostosí Birthday in Puerto Rico

Eugenio Maria De Hostosí Birthday in Puerto Rico

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Eugenio Maria de Hostos (January 11, 1839 Ė August 11, 1903), known as "The Great Citizen of the Americas", was a Puerto Rican educator, philosopher, intellectual, lawyer, sociologist, and Puerto Rican independence advocate.
In 1938, the 8th International Conference of America, celebrated in Lima, Peru, posthumously paid tribute to Hostos and declared him "Citizen of the Americas and Teacher of the Youth". Puerto Rico declared his birthday an official holiday. Second Monday of January in Puerto Rico is celebrated as Commemorative Day of Eugenio Maria de Hostosí Birthday.
There is a monument honoring Hostos in Spain. A municipality was named after him in the Dominican Republic in Duarte Province. In 1995, the Eugenio Maria de Hostos School of Law was established in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The Hostos Law School aspires to achieve the development of a legal professional who is also responsive to the needs of his or her communities and embraces Hostosí educational philosophy. There is an intermediate school in Brooklyn, New York named for Hostos (I.S 318). There is a high school named for Hostos in Union City, New Jersey. There is an elementary school in Yonkers, New York named for him, the Eugenio Maria de Hostos Microsociety School. There is also a bilingual K-8 charter school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania named for him "Eugenio Maria de Hostos Bilingual Charter School".
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In 2024 Eugenio Maria De Hostosí Birthday in Puerto Rico in USA falls on January 8.
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