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When they asked us where we were from. Theme - Refugee Day

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Quotes and wishes: Refugee Day

Quotes & Wishes - When they asked us where we were from When they asked us where we were from

And when they asked us where we were from, we exchanged glances and smiled with the shyness of child brides. They said, Africa? We nodded yes. What part of Africa? We smiled. Is it that part where vultures wait for famished children to die? We smiled. Where the life expectancy is thirty-five years? We smiled? Is is there where dissidents shove AK-47s between womens legs? We smiled. Where people run about naked? We smiled. That part where they massacred each other? We smiled. Is it where the old president rigged the election and people were tortured and killed and a whole bunch of them put in prison and all, there where they are dying of cholera - oh my God, yes, weve seen your country; its been on the news.
(We Need New Names)
NoViolet Bulawayo