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Holiday Calendar for Luxembourg

Holiday Calendar for Luxembourg for 2022-2023 year
In Luxembourg, the French word for public holiday is un jour férié, the German word is gesetzliche Feiertage, and the Luxembourgish word is Feierdag. To ensure you don’t miss out on anything important, our guide puts together a list of Luxembourg’s public holidays as well as important dates for your calendar. Help us Help us 

National traditions, public holidays and notable observances in Luxembourg for 2022-2023 year

June 2022

Monday 6 June - Whit Monday (celebrated on the day after Pentecost)

August 2022

Monday 15 August - Feast day of the Assumption of Mary (Christian feast day, one of the Catholic holy days of obligation a public holiday in Austria, Belgium, Benin, Bosnia, Burundi, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Italy, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malta, Mauritius, Monaco, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Senegal, Seychelles, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Togo, and Vanuatu)

October 2022

Sunday 2 October - Father's Day in Luxembourg (first Sunday in October)

November 2022

Tuesday 1 November - All Saints' Day a holy day of obligation (a national holiday in many historically Catholic countries. And its related observance: Day of the Innocents, The first day of Day of the Dead or El Dia de los Muertos celebration. - Mexico, Haiti)
Monday 7 November - Feast of St. Willibrord in Luxembourg (patron saint of the Grand Duchy)

December 2022

Monday 26 December - St. Stephen's Day (public holiday in Alsace, Austria, Andorra, Catalonia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland); Boxing Day (Belgium, Fiji, The Bahamas, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Samoa...)

January 2023

February 2023

March 2023

April 2023

Monday 10 April - Easter Monday (Påskedag in Norway)

May 2023

Tuesday 9 May - Europe Day (is the name of two annual observance days, 5 May by the Council of Europe and 9 May by the European Union, which recognize the peace and prosperity within Europe that both have achieved since their formation)


Some of Luxembourg’s holidays aren’t bank holidays in Luxembourg but still widely celebrated, such as Carnival Monday and Kermesse, the Annual Summer Fair; these are typically unofficial but customary holidays (jour férié d’usage).
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