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No Music Day

No Music Day is held on November 21. This event in the third decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
21 November - No Music Day
It comes as no surprise that music is a huge and integral part of all our lives.
No Music Day is an event introduced by Bill Drummond to draw attention to the cheapening of music as an art form due to its mindless and ubiquitous use in contemporary society. Drummond explained "I decided I needed a day I could set aside to listen to no music whatsoever, [...] Instead, I would be thinking about what I wanted and what I didn't want from music. Not to blindly or should that be deafly consume what was on offer. A day where I could develop ideas."
The date of November 21 was chosen as it is the day before the feast of Saint Cecilia, who is the patron saint of music. This follows the traditional observance of antithetical events on the day before religious occasions, such as celebrating Mardi Gras before the start of Lent.

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