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World Aquatic Animal Day

World Aquatic Animal Day is held on April 3. The first ever annual “World Aquatic Animal Day” took place April 3rd, 2020, with the inaugural theme of the aquaculture industry. This event in the first decade of the month April is annual. Help us Help us 
3 April - World Aquatic Animal Day
World Aquatic Animal Day (WAAD) is an annual day dedicated specifically to aquatic animals. The worldwide event is a project of the Aquatic Animal Law Initiative (Animal Law Clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School) and intends to globally raise public awareness about this class of nonhuman animals.
Aquatic animals play an exceptionally critical role in our societies and ecosystems, and as a group as well as individuals, they are valuable and exciting beings with intrinsic worth. They are widely used and abused in a number of ways, facing a multitude of different threats.
Hashtag #worldaquaticanimalday.

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