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CalendarMay12 → Cat Parade or Kattenstoet in Belgium

Cat Parade or Kattenstoet in Belgium

Cat Parade or Kattenstoet in Belgium is held on May 12. Held on the second Sunday in May. This event in the second decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
12 May - Cat Parade or Kattenstoet in Belgium
The first Cat Parade took place in 1938. On the 2nd Sunday of May, an unusual procession occupies the streets of Ypres (Ieper), a small town near the French border. The Kattenstoet literally translates to 'the Cat Parade' and it is fully dedicated to felines. The procession unites around 2,000 people in masquerade costumes of cats, mice, witches and sorcerers, cartoon and fairy-tale characters, etc. The majority of floats depict cats and reflect local legends and the history of Ypres. The most impressive participants of the parade are Ypres giants. Goliath, medieval characters, and male and female cats are among the giants that walk side-by-side with dancers and musicians through the streets of the town.
There are numerous legends behind this tradition that date back to medieval times. The most popular version claims that during the Middle Ages, citizens used to torture and throw cats from the towers. Cats were considered to have some relation to witchcraft and the killing of cats equated to the destruction of evil spirits.

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