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Bunkazai Boka Day in Japan

Bunkazai Boka Day in Japan is held on January 26. "Day of Fire Protection for Cultural Property". 1955. This event in the third decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
26 January - Bunkazai Boka Day in Japan
Japan, with its natural conditions, is vulnerable to a variety of natural disasters including earthquakes, tsunami, storms, tornados, heavy rains and volcanic eruptions.
The Act on Protection of Cultural Properties was enacted in response to the fire damage to Horyu-ji Kondo Wall Paintings that occurred in 1949.
With the aim of protecting cultural properties from fire, earthquake and other disasters and raising awareness for protection of cultural properties, January 26, that is the day when Horyu-ji Kondo Wall Paintings were damaged by fire, was made Bunkazai Boka Day (Cultural Property Fire Prevention Day). Centered around this day, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, cultural property owners, local residents and others cooperate to conduct campaigns for fire protection of cultural properties.

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