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National Homeopathy Day in Brazil

National Homeopathy Day in Brazil is held on November 21. This event in the third decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
21 November - National Homeopathy Day in Brazil
The date honors the establishment of the technique of homeopathy in Brazil, and serves to inform people about the benefits of homeopathic treatment. The 21st of November commemorates the National Day of Homeopathy because it was on this date that homeopathic medicine began to be practiced in Brazil. Or rather, it was on November 21, 1840 that the French homeopath Dr. Benoit Jules Mure, responsible for creating the Homeopathic Institute of Saí - the first that treated patients with homeopathic techniques in the country.
Homeopathy is a method of medicine that encourages healing "from the inside out", acting on the human organism as a whole and not just on the symptoms presented by a given disease.
Homeopathic medicines are produced in compounding pharmacies and have natural herbs as raw materials, or even roots, minerals, animals and other sources from nature.

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