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Common Malsharing Day in Finland

Common Malsharing Day in Finland is held on May 23. Måltidens gemenskapsdag. This event in the third decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
23 May - Common Malsharing Day in Finland
On 23 May 2018, some chefs, psychologists and health care staff gathered in Oslo to try to find a solution to a both national and international problem, namely, eating alone. The need to give lonely people a focal point in everyday life was considered great and therefore the issue of so-called "meal friends" for lonely and elderly people was raised as an alternative. A "meal friend" can be anyone who stands up for someone who is alone, a friend who comes to visit to maintain a social community and to break the loneliness during a meal. The meal's community day was instituted with inspiration from this meeting by kitchen manager Christian Tikkanen in 2020 and is celebrated every year on 23 May.
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