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Zambia Farmers' Day

Zambia Farmers' Day is held on August 5. Celebrated on the first Monday of August. This event in the first decade of the month August is annual. Help us Help us 
5 August - Zambia Farmers' Day
There are three major categories of farmers in Zambia, defined in terms of the land area cultivated by each farmer. The National Farmers' Day in Zambia is observed on the first Monday of August each year and is already a glorious tradition.
Small-scale farmers, who are the vast majority, cultivate about less than five hectares (ha.) each, use few external inputs, and consume most of their produce, occasionally entering the market to sell any surplus.
Medium-scale farmers cultivate between 5 to 20 ha. They use improved seeds and fertilizers and sell most of their production. These farmers commonly use a combination of manual, animal draft power and tractors.
Large-scale commercial farmers plant about over twenty ha annually. These farmers apply high levels of purchased inputs and use oxen or machinery for farm operations. They produce almost exclusively for direct market sale or feed their grain to livestock kept on the farm.
May the Lord Richly Bless you all and Happy Farmers Day!

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