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Feast of St. Willibrord in Luxembourg

Feast of St. Willibrord in Luxembourg is held on November 7. Patron saint of the Grand Duchy. This event in the first decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
7 November - Feast of St. Willibrord in Luxembourg
St. Willibrord was born near York, Northumbria, England in 658AD. He died in 739AD aged 81 in Echternach, Luxembourg. His Feast Day is the 7th of November.
He is the Patron Saint of Luxembourg and he is the only Saint buried in Luxembourg. He was trained and ordained at a religious site located in the townland of Garryhundon, Co Carlow commonly referred to as Killogan, Rath Melsigi (Rathmelsh) or Clonmelsh.
In 690AD Willibrord led a successful mission from Carlow, made up of Irishmen and Englishmen to the continent. He was consecrated as a Bishop by Pope Sergius 1 in Rome in 695AD. He built a Cathedral in Utrecht, Holland and became the first Bishop of Utrecht.
In 698AD he established his monastery in Echternach, said to be the oldest town in Luxembourg.

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