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National Ostomy Patient Support Day in Brazil

National Ostomy Patient Support Day in Brazil is held on November 16. Dia Nacional dos Ostomizados. This event in the second decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
16 November - National Ostomy Patient Support Day in Brazil
The date also marks the inclusion of ostomy as a physical disability in Decree No. 5296/2004, allowing ostomized people all the benefits that people with disabilities have in Brazil. As an example, quotas in universities and in the job market, minimum wage benefit without working conditions, free transport and access to health recovery through SUS without proof of income.
Ostomy or ostomy is a procedure performed with the aim of building a new path for the elimination of urine and feces. Ostomies can be temporary (after a predetermined time they will be closed through a new surgical intervention) or permanent and the person will live with it during their lifetime.
The National Day of Ostomates was established by Law nº 11.506/2007, as a way of trying to end prejudice through information. The date honors the foundation of the Brazilian Association of Ostomates (Abraso). According to Abraso, there are about 50,000 ostomates in Brazil.

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