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International Basque Language Day

International Basque Language Day is held on December 3. Euskara. This event in the first decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
3 December - International Basque Language Day
The date of this holiday was established in 1948 by Eusko Ikaskuntza, the Society for Basque Studies.
Basque seems to pre-date Latin, but its origins are relatively unknown. Basque is what is considered a language isolate. It is surrounded by French and Spanish speakers but does not share an origin with them. In fact, linguists believe that Basque is the oldest language in Europe. It is considered a pre-Indo-European language, meaning it developed in prehistoric times.
It is unique in that it does not seem to be related to any other language in the area. No one is really sure how it developed or where it came from, and it is cherished by the Basque culture for its uniqueness.

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