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Breton National Day in France

Breton National Day in France is held on August 1. This event in the first decade of the month August is annual. Help us Help us 
1 August - Breton National Day in France
On August 1, 939, 1068 years ago, the Battle of Trans took place, a decisive event in the history of Brittany. This conflict, which opposed the Bretons to the Vikings, put an end to the occupation of the Breton soil by the Normans.
It all began in 931 when William I of Normandy invaded Brittany and defeated Alain Barbetorte and Juhel Béranger, Count of Rennes. Following his victory, the Duke of Normandy even proclaimed himself Duke of the Bretons. But in 936, the two allies took their revenge and managed to liberate Brittany. Two years later, Alain Barbetorte recovered the title of Duke of Brittany.
In a few years, Alain "the fox" managed to expel from the north coast of Brittany and the region of Nantes most of the Norman pirate groups that had settled there. However, some elements remain, especially on the county of Rennes. Juhel Béranger, Count of Rennes, called on the help of Alain Barbetorte to expel the intruders. This was done on August 1, 939, during the battle of Trans. This decisive victory marked the end of Norman opposition on this side of the Rance, but not the end of the incursions.

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