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International Supporters' Day

International Supporters' Day is held on May 8. This event in the first decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
8 May - International Supporters' Day
Football is a beautiful game, but it is also an intense one. The level of competition is almost second to none and it takes a lot out of the players. But it's not just the players who go through stress, it's the fans as well.
This holiday began as West Ham United International Supporters' Day, but quickly grew into a general International Supporters' Day. The impetus for it was a virtual event called "Mark Noble FEST" celebrated around the world for the first time (almost because of the pandemic). The celebration coincides with the birthday of one of soccer's greatest figures. On this day, West Ham United fans and more celebrate belonging to the best, in their opinion, club in the world and pledge to always support it in adversity as well as in good fortune.
In fact researchers have determined that the stress that goes on in the body of a fan is so high while watching a football game that it could result in a heart attack! Talk about death by soccer? Now that would be unexpected... But it's not some whim, it's documented cases. Take care of yourself, because the success of your team depends on your support!

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