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World Nordic Walking Day

World Nordic Walking Day is held on May 16. It is a day of unified commemoration of the Nordic Walking Family around the world. It is for everyone, of all ages and abilities. This event in the second decade of the month may is annual.
16 May - World Nordic Walking Day
There has been much discussion, and some controversy, on how Nordic Walking was started.
The first evidence of walking with the poles for exercise was in 1966, when Leena Jääskeläinen, a physical education teacher in the School of Viherlaakso, Helsinki, introduced walking with ski poles into the students lessons.
Another person who had a significant role in the Nordic Walking history was Mauri Repo (1945-2002), the former cross-country skiing head coach of TUL in Finland. In 1979, his publication of Hiihdon lajiosa described different training methods for off-season cross-country ski-training. These methods have clear similarities with current Nordic Walking.

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