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Mexico Marketer's Day

Mexico Marketer's Day is held on May 19. This event in the second decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
19 May - Mexico Marketer's Day
To avoid confusion, a marketer is not the one who designs products or sets prices. Rather, they give value to things and materialize ideas. A marketer is a strategist, but also an analyst, publicist, researcher, administrator and creative. It is a marketing professional who seeks to satisfy the needs of customers in terms of market, while seeking to generate a response to the multiple needs that arise.
In marketing you can earn a lot or a little, depending on the company and position you hold. According to a ranking of the Best Universities of El Universal, the average monthly income is 11 thousand pesos.
Marketers' Day, May 19 is celebrated in Mexico for marketing professionals, those who, through creative ideas, make it possible for brands to become a necessity for consumers. The establishment of this day in Mexico aims to recognize the great work done by these professionals in various companies and public agencies, because sometimes with very little, they manage to position brands and even people in consumption and voting preferences.

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