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Grandmother's Day in Poland

Grandmother's Day in Poland is held on January 21. This event in the third decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
21 January - Grandmother's Day in Poland
Grandmothers' Day is a joyous celebration of all grandmothers and grandchildren. Laurels, songs, rhymes, gifts - all these make up the celebration of this holiday. On the occasion of Grandmother's Day, kindergartens organize performances, during which children not only sing and recite poems, but also present their grandmothers with handmade gifts.
The idea of creating a holiday in Poland appeared in the weekly magazine "Woman and Life" in 1964. Already a year later, the holiday began to be popularized by "Express Poznański", and its main originator was Kazimierz Flieger (d. 1985). In 1966, the "Evening Express" also declared January 21 as "Grandmother's Day." Later, the tradition of celebrating Grandparents' Day was also established.

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