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World Day for Laboratory Animals

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World Day for Laboratory Animals on April 24 is a United Nations recognized day of international commemoration of the suffering and killing of millions of innocent sentient beings in laboratories throughout the world.
For example in 2016, campaigning organisations across the globe, will mark World Day for Laboratory Animals, a time to reflect upon the pain and suffering caused to millions of animals all in the name of a fraudulent scientific practice a practice that is not only is so cruel to the animals so horribly abused and killed by vivisectors but a practice that so cruelly gives false hope to those with illness and disease.
The surrounding week has come to be known as "World Week for Animals In Laboratories" (20th - 26th April).
The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) describe the day as an "international day of commemoration" for animals in laboratories.
World Day For Animals In Laboratories was established by NAVS in 1979. The date 24 April was chosen as it marked the birthday of former NAVS president Hugh Dowding, 1st Baron Dowding.
Today the event is marked by demonstrations and protests by groups opposed to the use of animals in research.
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